for the ultimate HPC experience with Polargrid.

In the last two years we were able to acquire hundreds of customers from within the Blender Community. Thank you for your business and for your trust in our services. Polargrid will launch soon new services which are second to none No expenses spared. We will bring the most powerful hardware to you. NVidia A100 Systems, NVidia A6000 cards AMD EPYC Rome CPU’s









Polargrid Free CPU Rendering for Blender

Customers have been asking us for two years now if we can offer a reliable, free CPU render service for everyone. We can! Give us your email address and we will inform you once free CPU rendering is online

Polargrid RTX Flatrate for Blender

For only € 29.- per week(€ 99.- per month) we will assign you 2units RTX A4000 16GB cards to boost your production.

Polargrid RTX A6000 48GB 10 GPU System

The third fastest system on the planet(Octanebench 6483)! 256GB RAM, 2x EPYC 24Core CPUs and unbelievable 10units RTX A6000 48GB Renting this system and rendering is no issue anymore

Polargrid Professional Solutions

We are offering tailored solutions for studios of any size No matter if you use Renderman RIS or XPU, Redshift, Arnold CPU, or GPU Octane or Clarice. We have the right systems for you. If you need 2000 GPU’s or 20.000 EPYC cores or 1PB of cloud storage. We got you covered. All systems are colocated in our Green Energy Datacenter in Northern Sweden.