What and who is(behind) Polargrid?

What and who is(behind) Polargrid?

Dear Fellow Blender Users,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peter Uhlich and I am what you would call a 3D Veteran. I was working with the Commodore Amiga with Sculpt 3D and Imagine in the ’80s. I worked in the ’90s with Cyberware 3D Laser scanners when Maya was called Alias and when Houdini was called Prisms. We even had a Symbolics 3650 in our office in Frankfurt Germany. Since that time when I was running a CGI and VFX boutique, I never lost interest in 3D and VFX.

Since Blender was born I have been watching it. And now I think the time has come and this will be Blenders big-time breakthrough in mainstream productions. Since 2 years I have been thinking of how I can support this thriving market and came to the conclusion render time is always too long. Now and also 30 Years ago. So I decided to set up in one of our Nordic Green Energy Datacenters some solid 3D GPU and CPU rendering resources.

One of the Blender core developers helped me to program a full Blender Integration with an easy to use interface for “shopping” computing power on demand. And here we are, the birth of the PolarGriD Renderfarm or maybe we call it a Rendershop 🙂 Besides professional services we also offer economy services to empower any Blender user to be more productive.

Truly yours,

Peter Uhlich
PolarGriD Project

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