How fast is fast? Our CPU Flat Rates

How fast is fast? Our CPU Flat Rates

Many people ask us how fast our Renderfarm is. So let’s start with some benchmarks. The Famous Gooseberry production benchmark is a perfect test for our CPU flat rates. We apply no limits to our flat rates in terms of filesizes, render times or anything else. You get 24/7 the same render power assigned to you. Here are the results for the various flat rates we offer:

1.) Small CPU Flatrate 5cores(CineBench 350), 32GB RAM Render time 159mins/frame, Starting at USD 9.95

2.) Medium CPU Flatrate 10cores(CineBench 700), 64GB RAM Render time 80minutes/frame. Starting at USD 14.95

3.) Large CPU Flatrate 20cores(Cinebench 1400), 128GB RAM Render time 40minutes/frame. Starting at USD 21.95

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