Do you need renderpower? We have it!

No matter what, Polargrid gets the job done! 

CPU Rendering.

We offer all kinds of systems to fit any possible use case! We supply HP Blade Servers, HP DL580 servers, AMD Threadripper machines or the robust Dual 7601 EPYC systems. None of our solutions has less than 32GB of RAM. Many servers have 128GB or 256GB RAM. We supply Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.80 cloud computing. We support the FlipFluids Solution in Baking and Rendering

We can assist you if you are a Hobbyist who wants to use our 9.95 CPU Flatrate or if you are a Power-User who needs 10.000 cores to finish a job.

GPU Rendering.

GPU Computing is our core competence. In our Datacenter, in Boden, we colocate over 3000 GPU’s, ready to render any job you throw at them. In the Polargrid Plugin, you will find different Systems for different use cases all available within one click and ready within seconds! We have the newest hardware available such as Nvidia RTX 2080 and Radeon Vega Systems. We are the only company offering a GPU Flatrate. We are offering rates as low as $ 0.046 GPU/hour. The lowest rates in the industry. 

We supply special Flip Fluids Baking Servers and Baking Flat rates. The Polargrid Plugin also supports The Blender Fracture Modifier custom build

We are continually working towards implementing more 3D Programs with Polargrid. In the meantime, we can assist any 3D Artist with our powerful Dedicated Servers. The Servers are Hosted in our Green Energy Datacenters in Sweden and can be accessed 24/7 via AnyDesk from your PC. It’s like having additional Workstations in the Cloud. AnyDesk Servers are available for weekly and monthly rentals. We have individual High-Performance Servers with up to 10GPU’s for Redshift, Octane, VRay, and similar Apps available.