Green Energy + Free Air-Cooling

We operate our datacenters in the cold and safety of Northern Sweden. Right at the Polar Circle in the beautiful Town of Boden. We are hosting Mining Rigs in cases, and open frame builds as well as all sorts of Blockchain equipment from any vendor. Our technicians are skilled with any brand of ASIC and GPU Miners. Our Firewall VPN solution has state of the art intrusion detection. We have several locations with a total of 10MW connected power and cooling.

Large Scale GPU Hosting and system sales

GPU Hosting / Colocation is one of our core competencies. In our Datacenter in Boden, we colocate over 3000 GPU’s in cases or open frame rigs. We have experienced technicians, and we manufacture and sell GPU Systems based onto our custom design motherboard called the “Moose Miner” We are a wholesale customer of Gigabyte, Inno 3D and Colorful. We make sure we can deliver products on demand. We have developed a software solution to enable our GPU Mining Rigs to accelerate 3D Rendering. We are the right people to talk about medium to large scale investments into Mining and 3D Rendering.

ASIC Hosting and custom solutions

We have traditional shelf setups for large deployments of ASIC machines, but we also offer the colocation and storage of container-based equipment on our outdoor premises of several hectares. Our indoor capacity is several thousand sqm. We can make things happen other providers with Rack-based setups cannot do. We are the right people to talk to if you need a lot of space and power.